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Can you believe it?

Do you believe what they say?

I assume everyone is familiar with the phrase “Watch what you say”. The phrase is usually justified by the explanation that words have power. I agree; words do have power. Well, let me correct myself. I believe that if you say something and you believe it then your belief is what gives it power.

For example, If someone calls me smart with the sincere belief that I am smart, then does that make me smart? I mean, I guess that makes me smart in their eyes and their expectations are risen for my success. But when I bring back that failing test grade, was it because they were wrong, or because I didn’t believe with them when they told me.

Encouragement and faith are both empowering seeds. You can plant them all day, but they can only take root if they are watered and protected. With that said, seeds of discouragement and doubt can also be sowed. Sometimes, as humans, it is easier for those seeds to take root.

If someone tells me that I won’t get the job and discourages me from trying, or that I should just give up on my dreams because I don’t deserve to be happy, does that mean it is true? The real question is, do I believe that it is true?

Every human being is given a measure of faith. (Romans 12:3) Even as a baby, we had faith that after we took our first step we would start walking. Belief is a part of human nature. Unfortunately, we may come across people that say or do things that make it hard for us to trust in others and trust in ourselves. I want to plant the seed of encouragement into you today, I sincerely believe that you can do anything you set your mind to! All you need is faith in Jesus Christ and belief in yourself. (Philippians 4:13)

The bible warns us to guard our heart (Proverbs 4:23). I can choose to accept the bad and reject the good, or vice versa. Whatever I accept, I need to nurture it and protect it if I want it to last and grow. My belief is what gives it power. Do you believe the good that they say about you, or the bad?

I challenge you to be the person that sows encouragement. There is always something negative that can be said, try and find something positive.

-Christina Eve

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