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Remembering makes it harder to forgive?

I find it both fascinating and frightening how the people you form relationships with in life come and go, but never truly leave.

There is a song that I absolutely love for multiple reasons, one of those reasons being the voice of the artist, entitled Tapestry by Liv Dawson. When I listen to the lyrics it reminds me that no matter where I go in life and what I experience, I take the ghost of memories right along with me.

Photo of a purple, blue, and pick wall tapestry

Have you ever smelled something that reminded you of someone you may not have spoken to in years? Or maybe you heard a song that reminded you of a moment you thought you forgot. It is pretty remarkable how we may not pick the people we love, or choose the people we dislike, but every second of our lives we are sowing memories into the tapestry of our minds. Those memories last a lifetime whether we want them to or not.

This makes forgiveness that much harder because we never truly forget.

When a terrible memory is unexpectedly triggered by something, I am reminded about the pain and anger I felt before I forgave. It may not make me as upset as it did in the past, but being reminded of it causes me to reflect. It hurts sometimes, but It doesn’t haunt me, and that is by the grace of GOD!

The memories that you have, both good are bad, may fade, but they won’t disappear. One day something will remind you of

what you thought was forgotten or suppressed. Bitterness is hard and stubborn, but God’s love is mighty and strong enough to break down the walls you build around the hurt. Let God reach in and heal the hurt.

Let Jesus help you forgive others and/or yourself so you are not haunted by the images embedded in your tapestry, but instead, you will find strength in the heartache that God helped you overcome.

No, it isn’t going to be easy, but because unforgiveness is something that will keep me from Heaven, it is worth it!

-Christina Eve

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