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What's your focus?

Pull Focus - There is a bigger picture


She was driving from work ordering and re-ordering her to-do list in her head. The list of task seemed never ending; what order is the most efficient? Like many people, driving was a secondary focus because the real reason for the drive home is to spend the little amount of alone time that is granted to you and use it thinking about everything else in life that isn't related to work…but is still work.

In all her thinking, a moment came when she refocused her eyes. She stopped looking at the road 2 and 3 cars in front of her and just looked in the general direction she was headed. The sun was shining. Fall was at its brink and the leaves were beginning to change colors. Her commute home was surrounded by so much beauty, but why hadn't she noticed before. What a big and breathtaking picture.

Often times you can distinguish a professional from an amateur videographer with their knowledge and utilization of focus pull (aka pull focus). It is powerful.

The focus pull is a creative camera technique in which you change focus during a shot. Usually this means adjusting the focus from one subject to another.

You know how in movies, when the camera is focused on the girl smiling and laughing with her friends with a blurring background and then suddenly the focus switches to the boy in the background who is starring at her with infatuation? That is the power of pull focus. How often do you use pull focus during your day? When do you stop what you’re doing, refocus your eyes and look around you? Those moments help you breath better, think clearer, and refocus on the bigger picture.

I am guilty of leaving straight from one job and going to another. I spend the time I have in between jobs, thinking about quicker ways to do the next job. Recently, I have discovered how much I am missing by doing that. How many people I pass by, things I overlook, details and God opportunities I miss because I can't pull focus away from myself to see further down the road.

Make time each day to look up and around you. Put your phone down for ten minutes and refocus your eyes on God's handy work. Look up at the sky, go for a stroll, acknowledge His craftiness. God took his time to make everything with intention and purpose. Just think about it, God placed every single star in the sky so that we could just look up at it and be like "wow". Don't let life fly by and miss the opportunity to acknowledge his handy work. We are only on earth for a short while. Checking things off our to-do list is important, but I just feel like we would accomplish so much more in a day if we added some "be still and just look at what God has done" time to our list. Let's pull our focus to the bigger picture.

Job 37:14 Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.(KJV)

Job 37:14-16

James 4:14

Genesis 1

Psalms 95:4-5


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